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Recommender’s Information

In an effort to assist you in providing valuable information about the applicant we have set up this page for your convenience. You have been selected by the applicant to share information to help us determine the likelihood of the applicant’s success in a four year university experience. It is important that you understand that we want to make sure that the Transition UP Program is the right vehicle to bring about the applicant’s educational and professional goals.



On behalf of the Transition UP team we thank you for your participation in this very important endeavor.


Ronald Fischbach, Ph.D., Director

Ronald Fischbach, Ph.D.


Recommendation Input Form

Please complete the Recommendation Imput Form. Keep in mind that the applicant is seeking entry into the Transition UP Program to provide the necessary additional accommodations to achieve a two or four year college degree. The information you provide will help determine the likelihood of success.


Your assistance is greatly appreiciate.

Your details were sent successfully!

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