Some Important CSUN Dates

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Registration Appointments

CSUN students are assigned a time to register for the fall and spring semesters. For summer terms, students self-appoint a time to register. Regardless of the academic term or semester, the following points are true of your registration appointment:

  • Your access to registration begins with your appointment day and time and thereafter.

  • Your registration appointment is not negotiable.

  • Your registration appointment displays in myNorthridge > My Checklist > Registration (section).

  • When your appointment arrives, you may use the Enroll in a Class pages as often as you like within the registration periods.

  • For registration dates, see the Registration Calendar.

Fall and Spring Semesters Registration Info

As a CSUN student, you will receive a fall and spring designated registration appointment based on the number of units you have completed at the time the appointments are produced.

About 2 to 4 weeks before fall or spring registration begins, all new students who are eligible to enroll in the upcoming semester are sent a Registration Access Mailer for their first semester only.

The mailer contains:

  • Your priority enrollment appointment for the Registration-by-Appointment period

  • Your name and nine-digit CSUN ID Your residency status for tuition fee purposes and information on how and when to pay tuition and other fees

  • Your major, minor and class year (at the time the mailer was produced)A list of Academic Advising Centers and EOP Satellites

Set an Online Registration Appointment

  1. If you are a regular CSUN student, the SOLAR Student Center will automatically issue you the next available registration appointment when you take these steps:

  2. Log into myNorthridge at with your CSUN user ID and password.

  3. Locate My Checklist > Registration (section) > Summer Appt/Enrollment (link)

  4. If you are eligible for the regular term, your appointment will then display.

  5. For extension Summer Session information, see The Tseng College. For state-support Summer Term cohort programs, see the Registration Calendar.

Registration Holds

Registration holds prevent students from enrolling in classes. Before registering on SOLAR, clear all holds. Students with advisement holds must contact their academic advisor in the Student Services Center/EOP Satellite Office for the college of their major. Undecided majors must contact the Advising Resource Center (ARC)/EOP. Students with financial holds must immediately pay their account balance in full to be eligible to register.

  1. To view all holds: Log into myNorthridge and select Home (tab) > Quick Links (box) > SOLAR Student Center.

  2. Hold messages display in a box on the Student Center page.

  3. Click Details for instructions.

  4. To view registration holds only: Log into myNorthridge. Locate hold messages in the Incomplete Tasks section of My Checklist.

Registration Periods


Each academic term has three registration periods:

  1. Registration-by-Appointment Period – By appointment only, eligible students may access SOLAR to add, drop or swap classes; change the grading basis of a class; and confirm their schedule. Registration in repeated courses is not permitted at this time.

  2. Nonrestrictive Registration Period – Students may access SOLAR to add, drop, swap, and wait list for classes; change the grading basis of a class; and review or confirm schedule. No appointment is necessary. Registration in repeated courses is permitted beginning with the date published at Repeat Policy.

  3. Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment Period – Late Registration and Schedule Adjustment begins with the first weekday of classes and continues through the third Friday of instruction. Online access continues. Registration in repeated courses is permitted.


New beginning Fall 2013:

  • During the first week of instruction, you may add without permission, drop, swap and wait list for classes online and change the basis of grading.

  • During the second and third weeks of instruction, permission is required to add, and wait listing is not available.

To learn more, see Late Add/Drop Classes. To view registration dates by semester, see the Semester Bulletin. To view the tuition and fee payment schedule, see University Cash Services.




  1. Activate your CSUN User ID and Password to log into myNorthridge and the SOLAR Student Center to enroll in classes, pay tuition and other fees, view personal checklists and alerts, update your mailing address and more. See activate your account. 

  2. Check your CSUN email regularly for important notices about your enrollment and other student business. All students receive a CSUN Gmail account when they apply for admission.

  3. Clear holds that may prevent you from enrolling in classes. You must clear all registration holds before you can enroll. For instructions, see the guide View Holds.

  4. Make every unit count. Select classes with the degree planning tools.

  5. Review your Degree Planning Guide for your major, check completed and incomplete requirements with DPR (Degree Progress Report), and use interactive MAP (My Academic Planner) and My Plan to Graduate to plot future classes that meet degree requirements.

  6. Learn more at managing your degree progress.

  7. Get advised before you enroll. Make an appointment with an academic advisor in the College of your major to select your classes. Undecided and undeclared majors should schedule an appointment with the Advising Resource Center (ARC)/EOP.

  8. Plan alternate class schedules in case your first choices are closed or cancelled. To find other sections of the same class, use Class Search, available anytime. Learn more with the guide Class Search. Download a print-only schedule planning worksheet. You can wait list for closed classes during Nonrestrictive Registration and the first week of fall and spring instruction, but choose your units wisely. See the "Tips for Wait Listing" in the guide Wait List for Closed Classes.Organize your calendar. Note your enrollment appointment, registration periods, first and last day of instruction, fee payment deadlines, and other important dates. Registration dates are published in the Registration Calendar.Check for co-requisites when adding classes.

  9. Write down the class and section numbers of courses you need to take concurrently (e.g., lecture + lab). Course requirements display in Class Search under Class Notes and in the course description. Note: To enroll in co-requisites successfully, you must place the co-requisite lecture and lab sections into your cart before you finish enrolling. Learn more at Add Co-requisite Classes. Obtain permission for restricted classes. Request a permission number from the instructor or department before attempting to enroll in a course that requires consent (restricted).

  10. See Add a Class Using a Permission Number. Plan your enrollment within the maximum unit load. Unit limits, which may vary by semester and registration period, are published at Academic Load Regulations. To exceed the limit, complete an Extra Unit Authorization form and request the associate dean's signature (see instructions on form). Return the approved Extra Unit Authorization form to Admissions and Records, where the extra units will be added when Nonrestrictive Registration begins. Manage your finances. Check your account balance each time you adjust your schedule. To avoid disenrollment, pay before the deadlines in the Fee Payment Schedule. Log into myNorthridge and click the Financial Matters tab > My Financial Obligations box > View Account Information. For help, see View My Student Account Information.

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