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Two community college students completed the last of their requirements to be enrolled at CSUN. Meeting all of the rigourous course demands, two T-UP students will now start the last two years of thier bachelor's degrees. 

T-UP Community College Students Successfully Transfer to Cal State University


Some Comments on the Outcomes of the 2014/2015 T-UP Academic Year


All Transition UP (T-UP) students have completed their first college-year experiences with T-UP supports.  Students are either returning to their perspective colleges or going on to four year university studies. Dr. Fischbach, Director of Transition UP, has been reviewing the results of the first year and reports profound success. With the exception of one course, for which the student disenrolled, all courses were completed satisfactorily. Some students decided to change their majors and some are now seeking opportunities for hands on experiences in their chosen fields within the community.

Seeking Contact with CSUN




The Transition UP Program is seeking contact with CSUN alumni who are on the autism spectrum. According to Gemma Green the Program Coordinator alumni will become an important part of the Program's efforts to redefine the face of autism for both the enrolled students and the community in general.

Re-posted August 20, 2018

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